“Catfishing” has become increasingly common as the use of social media has grown in the last two decades. While the term generally refers to a type of online scam where one person pretends to be someone else, these individuals have chosen to participate in the “Catfish Challenge.” They are completely open about their “catfishing,” as they share with us how they have achieved their transformations. Take a look behind the scenes and see how these masters of makeover transform into someone entirely different.

Tanning lotion is your friend

The standards of female beauty have become so crazy recently that most of us are genuinely concerned about leaving the house without makeup. Many opt for a simple and quick cosmetic routine, mainly to conceal our natural imperfections with a bit of concealer, a touch of eyeliner, and a hint of blush.

This woman, however, could be a professional makeup artist. She has clearly mastered the art of completely transforming her face with her expert use of bronzer, especially on her neck and collarbone.

But how?!

While we believe that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way, some cultures celebrate certain features more than others. In many Asian countries, for example, the Chinese doll-like appearance is considered the most beautiful, while more prominent features are considered less attractive.

This young woman clearly knows some tricks to transform her naturally wider face into the ideal narrow and soft one. The only way we can tell she’s the same person is by her shirt and the fact that she has the same hair color in both photos.


With the rise of LGBTQ+ culture in mainstream pop culture, we’ve seen many drag queens become household names. While much of the goal of a drag queen’s makeup look is to transform a male face into a more feminine one, we believe this queen has taken it a step further.

If we had seen the lady on the right in our neighborhood, we would have never guessed that she had started as a remarkably handsome man with a mustache! After all that hard work, this Queen is ready to be the center of attention!

A touch of glamour

You know what? Sometimes, we just want to go all out and change our entire look. Just like Cinderella, when we go to clubs, every once in a while, we want to party like a completely different person. This shape-shifting master obviously has the same idea.

This transformation must have required a lot of skill and time for her to achieve it so perfectly. We can’t get over the difference between the sweet young woman on the left and the captivating glamour on the right.

8 hours of sleep

Makeup has become an integral part of the morning routines for most women, to the extent that some need it to wake up, much like they would with a cup of coffee. This woman looks half-asleep in the left picture, with tired eyes and a non-smiling mouth.

The second photo resembles her much happier sister. Her eyes have come to life thanks to her wonderful use of false eyelashes and bronze eyeshadow, which perfectly complement her orange lips.

Show us that smile!

One of the best things about makeup is that, when done right, it has the power to make us feel much more confident. This makeover has definitely elevated this beautiful lady’s perspective of herself.

While, yes, her new hair color and style do help her transform into a new person, it’s absolutely the incredible makeup that makes her shine. You can see that dramatic red lip and sculpted eyebrows have truly added a sparkle to her eyes.

Emo Chic

It’s amazing how these transformations make us feel like we’re looking at two completely different people with entirely different styles and aesthetics. This woman’s makeover takes us from memories of our childhood friend’s punk sister to fangirling over a gothic rock star.

The dark green hair, intricate choker, baby pink lips, and those dramatic eyes are total rock glam! And just look at how she’s completely changed the shape of her nose with just a few prosthetics and makeup.

It’s all about the angle

Spotted skin and a prominent chin are perfectly normal physical features, but sometimes we feel self-conscious about others seeing them in us. There are some ways to deal with this insecurity.

Try to find a way to live with it, learn to take photos from angles that flatter you the most, or do what this woman did: somehow completely change your face into this blonde goddess. While we know they are the same person from very different angles, she still completely fooled us.

May the best one win!

The never-ending generational clash has erupted recently, this time over hair. While Millennials are firmly on “side part” team, Gen Z has been raising their voices in protest to promote the center part. This extraordinary face transformer is rocking both looks.

We are simply amazed by how differently her hair frames her face after sculpting her chin and nose to perfection. And those eyebrows have undergone such a transformation that she looks unrecognizable. So, side or middle part?… which team are you on?

The foundation is everything

Say it with us: Never. Skip. The. Primer. Look no further than our next example to see what the proper use of foundation can do for you, as well as what foundation and contouring can do to completely transform your face.

The smart use of makeup by this beautiful lady has turned her into a completely different person. We love how, except for the dramatic makeup that highlights her captivating eyes, the rest of her face is only enhanced by her expert use of the basics.

Instant rhinoplasty

While makeup is most commonly used to hide the things we dislike about our features or emphasize the features that we do like, it can also be used to completely alter other parts of our face to make us look different. This woman has perfected the techniques of contouring and highlighting to totally change the shape of her nose.

She’s also found a way to change the style of her eyebrows entirely. Plus, with the clever use of some dark brown lip pencil, she has made her lips pop even with her nude lipstick. Truly flawless.

The girl on fire

It’s amazing what a bit of color coordination between hair, makeup, and accessories can do for a person. This girl has transformed, with some alterations and clever use of pink (clearly one of her favorites), into a fairy queen.

We love how her pink lips and beautifully drawn eyeshadow perfectly complement the choice of foundation she went with. And with all that pink, it was a very clever choice to resist putting on some pink blush.

That’s so fetch!

We love to see men flawlessly transform into beautiful women. Clearly, we’re all jealous of this man’s incredible makeup and wig application skills; proudly waving that gender-fluid flag as he changes before our own eyes into this gorgeous girl.

We can’t help but pick out the accessories, with those glasses that work perfectly with the yellow streaks in her hair. With that bold look and impeccable sense of style, this queen reminds us of the movie “Mean Girls.” Which clique do you think she’d belong to?


Some makeup transformations are so wild and different that it feels like magic was involved. This girl won the lottery when they were assigning fairy godmothers. From Cinderella to Belle, we just can’t believe these pictures show the same person.

But they really are (we checked)! The most incredible difference here has to be the eyes. Not only is she wearing those colored contact lenses, but she somehow added a crease to her eye that wasn’t there before.

Fifty shades of foundation

Sometimes, the difference between meh and wow can be as simple as a high-quality photograph. These two appear to have very different skin tones, but it’s actually amazing to see what can be achieved with good lighting and a good foundation.

Moreover, that peacock-inspired ombre eyeshadow really gives her beautiful eyes a radiant glow, and that eyeliner completely alters the shape of her eyes, making them appear larger. We also love how she contoured her cheekbones to complete the look.

What’s inside you, don’t let it show

While skin imperfections are absolutely normal, they often make us feel insecure and embarrassed about them. This is why makeup, when done right for our unique features, can give us a significant boost in self-confidence. This lady’s makeover has been done to perfection.

Just look at the change in her expression from one photo to the other. In the photo on the right, she’s practically glowing with confidence! We hope that as she gains more and more self-assurance, she’ll have this radiance without the makeup.

Do it yourself

As any DIY enthusiast would tell you in a split second, duct tape is probably one of the most useful things in the world. It has a thousand and one uses, but we had no idea it could be used to change the shape of our face.

Take a look at this clever girl who has managed to transform her appearance with a smart use of the DIY staple, combined with some cleverly applied makeup. We wonder what other tricks this young lady has hidden up her sleeve.


Many medical conditions can affect our appearance, which can change the way we feel about ourselves. This girl got an incredible makeover that boosted her confidence after overcoming a serious illness that left her feeling insecure about her looks.

We love how the makeover was used to enhance her beautiful natural features, making her look happy and healthy. The makeup around her eyes accentuates the pure radiance of this fabulous fighter. We wish her years of beautiful health.

Intense lips

From actresses to fashion enthusiasts, many women have discovered the power of a bold red lipstick. This girl has clearly mastered the art of striking lips and used this skill to beautifully transform her face.

While the eye is drawn to that ombre lip shade, her eyes are also flawlessly done, with thick eyeliner that creates the illusion of an eye crease. We would have never imagined that such seemingly small changes could make such a big difference.


From creating the right backdrop to choosing the perfect angle, it’s truly amazing to see how much thought and creativity go into producing a flattering social media photo. Thanks to all these manipulations, sometimes the end result looks nothing like what we started with.

It looks like this TikToker is as surprised by the stark contrast between both photos as we are. We’ll keep repeating it if necessary: it’s all about those flattering angles.


All we can really say is that this girl must be a witch. She has completely transformed her face to the point that, if she wasn’t wearing the same shirt and head accessory, we would have never known it was her.

It’s astonishing for us to see how much her entire look changes with the addition of false eyelashes and contour makeup around her face. We also love the atmosphere she has created with her makeover and the use of lighting.

Dramatic eyes

And look at the makeup on those beautiful smoky eyes. They’re bringing all the drama to this look that would otherwise appear more simple and natural. And those eyebrows are a perfect frame for this artistic creation. We love seeing it.

Long live women!

While makeup can make us feel more confident, it can also make us feel much more powerful. It gives us the courage to feel like we can face anything and everything in the world and overcome all the challenges in our path.

Because if a woman can go from being a ten to a thousand like this lady, then she can do anything! Especially when armed with bright eyes, a dazzling wig, and an epic accessory.

From sweet to dazzling

Who doesn’t love chubby cheeks to cuddle and pinch? While they’re especially cute on babies, chubby cheeks can be adorable on adults too. But they often don’t make us feel attractive.

The power of transformative makeup is there for occasions like that. A light foundation with a strong, perfectly blended contour line can make all the difference. This woman has gone from “want to hug” to “hug at the club.”

Miss Scarlet

Changing our hair, even just a little, can make a big difference in both how we feel about ourselves and how others see us. That’s why the contrast between these two photos is so striking.

Matching her hair and eyebrows in the same stunning crimson shade was absolutely the right choice to accentuate this girl’s captivating eye makeup. And while we love her glasses, we definitely believe she looks like a completely different person without them.


We’ve already said how much we love to see a transformation from masculine to feminine, but the attitude of this makeover surprises us in a whole new way. This queen knows how to show off both her short hair and her long, shiny tresses.

But, what really takes the cake for us is that this queen knows exactly what her best colors are. That light lilac top instantly made us fall in love, and paired with those dramatic earrings, this girl knows how to accessorize.

Blushing cheeks

Can we say again how amazed we are? We mean that a clever makeup application, a cute hairstyle and a flattering picture angle can completely change the way someone looks. These photos make us want to shout it from the rooftops.

Lighter hair, expertly drawn eyebrows and the illusion of bigger lips created by that beautiful lipstick (we want the name of that shade): it all comes together to make the sweet woman on the left look like an enchanting princess after her transformation. On the right.

I do believe in fairies

Growing up watching Disney movies, sometimes we all wish we looked like a fairy or princess. While most of us don’t have the skills to achieve such a transformation, this girl clearly does.

She has shared a behind-the-scenes look at how she applies the silicone prosthesis that transforms the shape of her nose from flat and wide to straight and narrow. This, along with the unique makeup she has applied to her eyes, makes her look like a creature out of a fairy tale.

Optical illusion

We are so amazed at the apparent ease with which these people create all these incredible illusions. This social media manipulator is a perfect example of that. She has completely fooled us with what appears to be very little effort.

Her makeup look is really super simple, but with just a little play with her angles and that flawless execution of eyeshadow and eyebrow pencil, we never would have guessed it was the same girl as the one on the left.

With hammer and chisel

Usually, when we talk about sculpting in the context of makeup looks, we’re referring to the use of contour and highlighter to create depth in the face where there is usually little to none. But, it looks like this girl has another idea.

He has literally used a material that looks like a clay-like paste that hardens like plaster when it dries, to literally create a pointed chin and reshape his nose into a straight line.

1,2,3 Pose!

It’s amazing what a change of clothes from a t-shirt to a pretty dress and some voluminous hair can do for your sense of self-assurance. Really, half the fun in this transformation is the sassy way this drag queen poses for the camera.

Aunque normalmente estamos en contra de la temida cara de pato, creemos que podríamos hacer una excepción con este look. Es demasiado mona y chula con esa expresión para que nos burlemos de ella.

Freshly risen

While we’d like the world to believe that we wake up looking like the perfect, flawless women we are, unfortunately that’s not true. When we wake up, we all look like the sweet girl on the left: hair pulled back and a few visible “imperfections”.

But, what we would love to show off every morning is that fabulous woman on the right. She seems to have this life thing down pat. While we know it’s an illusion, we still can’t help but want to be like her.

Blurring Level: Expert

Did you know that, in ancient times, being pale was considered the most beautiful complexion because it meant you didn’t work outdoors in the sun? Today, however, since most of us are constantly indoors, tanned skin has become a sign of wealth, which means you have time and money to spend on vacation.

This woman has found a way to have the best of both worlds: naturally, she’s super pale, but when she wants to transform into a bronzed goddess, she takes her magic makeup and blends to perfection.

Let’s go to the beach!

We can’t say this enough: we love an ombre makeup look! And the one this queen has created on her eyes is especially beautiful, making us feel like we’re looking at a warm tropical sunset on the beach somewhere exotic.

She also paired it perfectly with that wig and the unique design of her dress. We never would have known moments before that she was a cute guy in a t-shirt. Their styles simply couldn’t be more different.

It’s all a matter of perspective

These types of transformations can often provoke negative comments from followers on social media. The following had many comments on her post calling her a liar since there was no way these two photos could be of the same girl.

While, yes, they look completely opposite, like people from different worlds, we can assure you that these photos are in fact of the same person. Crazy, we know, but you wouldn’t believe how much good lighting and a flattering angle can change your look.

Change of style

Part of the fun of makeup is that it allows us to try a lot of different styles, so we can find the aesthetic that best suits us and makes us feel like the most comfortable and confident people we can be. Some styles can make us look like a totally different person.

This woman’s transformation from tired housewife to avant-garde punk certainly manages to do that. That intense eyeliner, along with the well-drawn brow cut, makes this change even more striking.

Jessica Rabbit

We can all agree that the most attractive cartoon character ever drawn is undoubtedly Jessica Rabbit from the Disney movie: Who Framed Roger Rabbit (great movie, by the way, go see it).

The woman on the right, with her hair parted to one side and wrapped in beautiful curls over her shoulder, plus her cherry red lips, reminds us of the animated character. The woman on the left looks… not so much like a movie star. She’s still absolutely beautiful, she just looks like she’s not part of the same movie.

Anime eyes

Anime, the Japanese animation style, is known to have characters drawn with very small features, except for their eyes, which are made larger to make their expressions easier to understand.

It looks like this TikToker tried to capture that aesthetic style in her transformation. We think she absolutely succeeded in doing that. She has completely changed her look from a human girl to a main anime character. We would have never guessed it was her in all three photos.

The next top model

We all love to see a makeover scene in the movies, but it’s so much cooler to see it happen to someone in real life. This pretty, unassuming young lady, with the perfect use of bronzer and blush, has transformed herself into a mesmerizing supermodel.

We are in awe of this incredible change. It really is amazing what a few minor (and slightly more important) adjustments can do to change a person so completely that we can barely recognize them.

Cleopatra has competition

Cleopatra had the reputation of being one of the most beautiful and cunning rulers and women of the old world. But watch out, Cleo! This woman on the right, with her recognizable “Cleopatra hairstyle,” is definitely bringing you some competition.

This woman knows exactly how to perfectly enhance her sharp natural features to the point where she is unrecognizable. Look at that exquisite use of blush and contour to create those dramatic cheekbones. dazzling!

Eyelashes with the curtains of the soul

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. They also say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. So why not combine them and make sure your lashes are unforgettable? That’s exactly how this woman achieved her manipulation.

Naturally, she clearly has short, very light-colored lashes, but with the help of a good mascara and perhaps some false lashes, she has created a dramatic presentation that makes her look very different than she normally would.

To bad weather, a smile

Women are constantly told to smile more. Well, this girl loves to smile. While she has a condition that has left her without a toothy smile, it allows her to transform into a completely different person when she chooses to wear dentures and sport that radiant smile.

We also love the care she took with her eye shadow and the great job she did drawing her eyebrows beautifully. She is truly a master of illusion and loves to show off her transformation skills. keep smiling, you’re a star!

Full lips

Again, for those in the back rows, bronzer and a good blending brush are your best tools when it comes to transformative illusions. This girl clearly gets what we’re saying and is giving us a masterclass on how to do it right.

Along with the unique pointed lashes, those plum pink lips, thick chain and dramatic brows, this girl is killing it with her transformed look. But we have to say, we love her natural smile. XOXO

Yes, they are the same person

By now, can we all agree that some of these people are magical? Well, in case you need one more reminder, check out this crazy transformation. This woman has somehow managed to change every aspect of her face.

If we didn’t see the nose transform in front of our very eyes from its original wide shape to a straight one, we would never have believed it. Honestly, we still don’t. But that’s the beauty of these makeovers, you never know what you’re going to get.

Honesty is the best policy

While beauty standards and the restrictions society places on our outward appearance are serious business, we love to add a little honesty and humor to the equation. This Instagram beauty expert clearly agrees.

She uploaded a video of her transformational makeup before and after with the very truthful caption that reads “I love catfishing!” We love her confident smile and light-hearted approach, showing us how fun these changes can be.